consulting • innovation • PRODUCT

  • Create product and design roadmap to incorporate long term 3D design, 3D scanning for fit & 3D printing for manufacturing.
  • Implementation for all technical product ideas for 3 - 5 year Innovation roadmaps for supply chain and product development.
  • Connect Iconic brands to advanced technologies for 3D & 4D printing , AI, Robotics, Generative design & Biomanufacturing.
  • Create and build specific product line matrix for nanotechnology and wearable tech concepts for biometrics.
  • Bridge new technologies to existing supply chains to set up the Factories of the Future locally.
  • Work cross - functionally with design, marketing and sales to implement new technical product and development.
  • Implement 3 - 5 year retail strategy for new 3D Ecosystems for brand to achieve long term sales, profit and marketing goals for future technologies relevant up to 2030.